The Way you Dream it, We Make it Happen!

We are Fernanda and Yonatan (Fer & Yoni), a powerful Wedding Planner duo with over 10 years of experience making Mexico destination wedding dreams come true! We excel at putting the fun into every event we plan and we love to see our couples glow with excitement as we help them kick off their new life together with a wedding celebration that shines!

1. Your Dream is our Passion

We are passionate about what we do and we love to celebrate LOVE! ALL KINDS OF LOVE! We truly believe love makes the world go ‘round and we’re thrilled to be rotating around with it!

When we say “you dream it, we’ll make it happen” just know, we don’t throw that around lightly! We jump in with both feet and all heart. We get the goosebumps right along with you because celebrating authentic love and bringing a wedding to life is our absolute passion. This is not just a job for us. This is our life and how we chose to live it. And how fortunate we are able to make a living celebrating love!

2. We Love to party!

This just may be our favorite part! When you plan a wedding, you of course need a dose of “fun.” We’re a dynamic duo, call us the King and Queen of Fun! We have so much fun planning and coordinating every wedding because we build a beautiful bond with our couples and we love to make them feel that their friends are planning their wedding.

But, we also have an unbeatable organizational style and know when not to confuse the two. We’re fun but get things done!

3. Our Vendors are the Best!

For us, quality is the most important and after all these years in the biz, we’ve found a fantastic army of perfect vendors here in the Riviera Maya who ensure time and again a high standard of service. They truly “step up” when we need them.

With all of our combined years together in this industry, we’ve managed to perfect a list of amazing vendors to create a truly magical team of Riviera Maya wedding vendors. They will always be top notch. Ask about any of them and we can recommend them with conviction! (and they’ll travel with us too where necessary!) From wedding makeup and hair, wedding photography and videography, DJs and music, wedding design -- you name it, we have no other word for it, they are simply the “best”!


We are Leo (Fernanda) and Aries (Yoni). Together we’re explosive energy, passionate, and organized! What a perfect combination when planning a wedding! Then match that with our natural passion (and sometimes obsession!) with what we do and VOILA! You have the cosmic team of the century working diligently to make your wedding dream come true.


Mexican culture is well known for its warm accommodating people. Let us take care of YOU and all the most precise details of your wedding. You let yourself be pampered and enjoy this beautiful process.

No matter if your wedding is at one of the best resorts in Mexico or a small boutique boho-chic style Tulum wedding, we will pamper you just the same. Let us be your legs to get things done so you can just sit back, relax, and get hitched!

How We Met

Yoni and I (Fer speaking!) met at a party when we were just 18 years old, just entering college, and from the moment we met, we had this magical click and instantly became good friends. Since then we’ve shared a lot of experiences together which brought us even closer. Our personalities are very similar and we also complement each other a lot, like yin and yang. We’re practically like brother and sister! I came to live in Playa del Carmen after finishing college and on New Year's Eve, Yoni came to visit me. On that trip, Yoni discovered that his soul also belonged to the Caribbean and he also found a “home” in Playa del Carmen and decided to move here too. For me it was something incredible, to finally have my best friend close again.

I have always been involved in the world of “Destination Weddings.” I’ve been a Wedding Planner in the Riviera Maya for about 11 years and because Yoni and I share interests, I got him involved in the world of weddings shortly after I started. He went to work with a famous wedding hair and makeup company here in Playa del Carmen. They covered the Riviera Maya and most of Mexico. Yoni was in charge of doing the bookings for the makeup and hair artists for each wedding and that's where we started working together regularly.

From there, a few years later, we discovered that together we were even stronger and just seemed we were destined to work together! We both have this same passion and excitement for this business and decided to merge to create our own company and a new phase in our lives, and so Tailor Made Dreams was born!

Doing weddings together is amazing, we have so much fun, we laugh a lot, we create beautiful things together. It’s not a job, it’s destiny in our eyes. And more importantly, it's a privilege to be able to work with your best friend.

We love to talk with newly engaged couples about the myriad of possibilities when deciding to have their wedding in Mexico! With all of our years together, and our network of combined contacts from Tulum, to Playa to Cancun to Mérida (in the Yucatan!) and more, we are now a powerhouse for creating the wedding you’ve been dreaming of with the backdrop… MEXICO!